"Chinese men and women tend to look 45 degrees upwards when searching for a partner".  Haha ...   >>  MORE

The rising middle class in China

  • China’s middle-class population will reach 600 million to 800 million in the next 10 to 15 years, compared with about 300 million now.   "China Soccer Moms want SUV too ..."   >>  MORE

  • They Chinese Consumer are increasingly modern and international, but they remain distinctly Chinese - they are global   >> MORE

  • Asians are global real estate purchasers and since the global economic financial crises, have dominated in some markets   >>  MORE   

  • Thirty percent of the 400 cars Maserati sold in China last year were bought by women.     "Women accounted for more than half of China's estimated $15 billion in luxury sales in 2010..."    >>  MORE

The Asian Consumer


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