Our various sites including HELLO TAI TAI.com , TYCOON VILLAGE.com, and REAL ESTATE FUND MANAGER.com  ('Hello Tai Tai Group") is  a beta site where we 'blog' news articles to share amongst our friends, who might not otherwise see the most up-to- date information that we do through our regular formation exchange and globe trotting amongst our citizen-of-the-world.  (Copyrighters please note - no malicious or commercial intent here!!)  

Since ours is an organic site which we work on ourselves, we would be most grateful if you would advise of any broken links, or more current information on topics which we cover and collect.    Furthermore if you conceive a business concept from the information we have compiled we appreciate then the opportunity to participate and at least be credited and compensated for the concept.  Our business experience is significant as less than a handful of professionals in the world have a rolodex or business network on 4 or more continents and we may be able to assist with our connections and business experience.  .  

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