China's largest internet co. - Tencent

Tencent Boardroom By Brian Yeung

We helped to link Tencent Founder to University of British Columbia >> MORE

太太 additional intel :           (facebook required)

Kengo Kuma designed Teahouse

Ian Gillespie's exquistite tea house atop Shaw Tower over looking Coal Harbour, we were given a private tour    Breathtaking and exquisite   >> MORE

If you've had a meeting with Westbank Project's Ian Gillespie, then you will have noted the gallery of art and fashion including vintage couture dresses by Yves Saint Laurent and Alexander McQueen in the main reception area.  I was a seed investor in Ian a few decades back, when he developed his first shopping centre, Ironwood in Richmond B.C.

The architect beyind the city's largest regeneration project, Hudson Yards  - Marianne Kwok

I was first party to deal with the receiver at Deloittes on the Gherkin. I brought in tycoon Richard Li ís publico, Pacific Century Premium Developments on this before Brazilian tycoon Safra bought this -- now the Lee Lum Kee tycoon wants it  

Asian Tigers
Fiona Bartholomeusz caught this footage on her phone  >> MORE

Dress rehersal for the F1 airshow
By Fiona Bartholomeusz   >> WATCH

Grandma Chic in the Big Apple

 Good Luck Calendar

An important component of Chinese dealmaking - Chinese calendar.   Red days are good.

Thanks to Anna Yu who runs Group Finance office office of CK Hutchison, Executive Assistant to Frank Sixt for facilitating this every year for us

   Publisher:  Choi Gen Po Tong  

  • As Chinese women  we have been taught we are 麻 烦.     Angie Lau's journey on showing we are not!   >> DETAILS

Lincoln Leong - CEO of Hong Kong's Mass Transit Rail Corp.     >> MORE
Well done, Leong 太太   >> DETAILS

Mahjong, favourite pastime of 太太's  >> MORE

Horizons Venture 'Boss Lady' and partner of Asia's richest billionaire  >> MORE

The Chinese made an appearance at Royal Ascott   >> DETAILS

Arrived at the Chateau Cordeillan-Bage to celebrate a birthday.

This is an interesting trail rather demanding hiking up the 2.800 meter Hatton Road.   An amazing trail all the way up from Conduit Road and great outdoor exercise  >>  MORE




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