The exquistite tea house atop Shaw Tower in Downtown Vancouver  >> MORE

Asian tigers in Dubai, filmed by Fiona Bartholomeusz  >> MORE

Tencent Co-Founder and the Philanthropy team in Seattle visiting with Bill Gates  >> DETAILS

Now That's A Flypast

The dress rehersal for the F1 airshow in  Dubai  >> WATCH

Tencent's Yidan Foundation Visit to Canada      >>   DETAILS

Congratulations to Brian Yeung and the Economist team pictured with Charles Chen Yidan, sponsor of  world's largest education prize - the Yidan prize    > MORE

The architect behind the massive Hudson Yards redevelopment in New York City - 太太's  Blenheim Palace playmate  - Marianne Kwok

Grandma 太太 Chic in the Big Apple

Thunderstorm in Hong Kong recently captured by Jennifer Tse   >>  WATCH

On par with Nobel Prize, the Prize for World Civilisation by Lui Chi-Woo  >> DETAILS

 Good Luck Calendar

Publisher:  Choi Gen Po Tong  

  • As Chinese women  we have been taught we are 麻 烦.     Angie Lau's journey on showing we are not!   >> DETAILS

  • Feature in the South China Morning Post     >> MORE
  • Well done, Leong 太太   >> DETAILS

Mahjong, favourite pastime of 太太's  >> MORE

Horizons Venture 'Boss Lady' and partner of Asia's richest billionaire  >> MORE

The Chinese made an appearance at Royal Ascott   >> DETAILS

Super 太太 in Hong Kong  - Sharie Ross Tse

Powerful short film   >> WATCH

Arrived at the Chateau Cordeillan-Bage to celebrate a birthday.

Taking advantage of the weather in the fall, it is an interesting trail rather demanding hiking up the 2.800 meter Hatton Road.   An amazing trail all the way up from Conduit Road and great outdoor exercise  >>  MORE




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