This is a betasite for citizens of the world.    East and West.    

A shift is taking place globally and the West is beginning to be curious about Asia.   This is an information portal with a specific viewpoint of knowing the synergies of combining East with West,  information.  

Perhaps its because we commute between four continents in our daily lives that we can see trends so vividly.    We are used to meeting in business lounges of airports because we sometimes land in two continents on the same day!   We understand the value of having Facts-at-a glace on a global basis to help us with shopping of all sorts and to keep our lives organized!  Most importantly, we treat the business of shopping seriously.   From real estate to high-end designer shoes and handbags!  太太's friends  in London, New York, Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai, Beijing, San Francisco Vancouver and Toronto are global citizens of the world.   

Our network includes the award-winning New York architect who designed the Rodin Museum Samsung Headquarters in Asia and the business advisor deemed in North America by the Financial Post as the  'Broker to Billionaires' while in Asia she is most famous for her Deal Making in the acquistion of Shek-O in Hong Kong.    Our team has acted on behalf of some of the world's richest Asian tycoons with significant success on five continents for more than two decades now.     Welcome to our bamboo network.  



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