Recreation Home for Asia's Rich and Famous

Mainstream media is predicting a crash for the Vancouver real estate market yet we find it incredulous that the so called 'experts' are professionals with no strong ties to the purchasing power of the world's largest acquisitors.  

Wouldn't you want to live in a city with fresh air, fabulous restaurants, and healthy lifestyle, and just a plane ride away - several flights daily on the shuttle from Vancouver to Asia, Europe, the U.S.?      We have several friends waiting to come into the market.   Perception is everything.

For example, a small group got together to attend the Madonna concert in Vancouver recently.


Then straight to YVR to catch the 3 am CX back to Hong Kong and back in time for a long weekend on the other side of the pond.   Disneyland with the kids right after that.

We are a global bunch.   Lucky enough to have the opportunity.

No one is more proud of James Cheng than me.   We have been friends and professional colleagues for decades and can reminisce when the skyline of Vancouver looked quite a bit different.   He is creating the new Nordstroms in Downtown Vancouver  >>  MORE

Downtown Vancouver is built out, save and except a few small pockets

Canadian Metropolitan Lands who own the lands which are the 'dead space' of the former Expo lands propose a 30-storey square building with up to 2,000 residential units that appears to create a window from BC Place to the waterfront.

The proposal includes 350,000 square feet of commercial, retail and office space, as well as a community centre with a daycare for 69 children, a sports science centre and an ice rink that the Vancouver Canucks would use as a parttime training arena.

According to the application, the development would add 363 metres of seaside walkway on the north side of False Creek with bike paths between Coopers' Park and the foot of Georgia Street.

About 4,500 metres of civic plaza on the waterfront would provide public space for concerts, neighbourhood gatherings and art shows.  >>  MORE

What's happening at the centre of town - Oakridge?

At the centre of the city, right where the LRT connects Vancouver International Airport and Vancouver's exclusive Westside residential location, half way to Downtown Vancouver   >>  MORE 

Why do we like the life in Vancouver so much?

Where else can one go for a walk with the dog in Pacific Spirit Park?   Much thanks to fellow yogi Leanne Chan for this photo and the shot  above of Vancouver from Jericho.   

Vancouver and New York are the yogi centres of North America and attracting the very best teachers.

Atop the Choprah Meditation Centre in Downtown Vancouver at dusk    >>  MORE

It does, however rain here a lot...get the Ark ready!!

But as a city to invest from and live the clean healthy lifestyle, no place in the world beats Vancouver.   The westcoast is a fabulous time zone for the global investor.


Fresh air, affordable and world-class skiing at Whistler  [5,200 vertical feet!!!]  closeby. wonder so many invading the neighbourhood!   We need to be mindful to coexist peacefully. 

Here's yet another person raving about the Chinese food in Canada -- the Boss at Huawei Canada

Now back to that investment question -- Vancouver  (above) or ???

Oh, and Uniqlo is coming to Vancouver in 2013.    >> MORE

Louis Vuitton opened a maison store in the city already and we noticed that Holt Renfrew has staffed up with Asians.   

But has anyone noticed that Lane Crawford's website includes Canada now?!    The fashion quotient in the city should technically step up a bit.   

In any event, we seeing bigger money wanting to come into this crowded investment market.    Just have to wait for the government to clarify their foreign investment rules.

Curious that Canada does not track foreign investment so hard to go by press clippings.  




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