Rebecca is now the special advisor to the Public Libraries Association in the People's Republic of China which manages 2,707 libraries in China as well as some 350 extra from universities in the country.

She is also an honorary director to the Chinese Language and Culture Education Foundation of china which is the pet project initiated by president Hu Jintao four and a half years ago. 

REBECCA LEUNG is political and Media Advisor to Richard Li, founder of the world's first Satellite Television network - STAR TV which brought BBC and MTV programming to Asia reaching the audiences from Taiwan to Tehran, northern China to Papua New Guinea.   Richard Li and his successful start-up and sale of STAR TV are a Harvard Business School Case Study.    Rebecca’s book for Ming Pao press was released in September 2003. She is considered the best in her field for Asian and Chinese media and is part of a Chinese Media dynasty. She is a Fellow of the British Society of Business Practitioners.

Rebecca's sister Shirley is now the publisher of Hong Kong  Daily News and her baby sister (the ex- HK Journalist Association Chair) is  now China representative of the International Federation of Journalists.    - 2009 January 12

Rebecca's husband was at one time rumoured to become the new head of the government broadcaster RTHK

Her husband LEUNG KA-WING is currently the anchor at ATV News in Hong Kong and  a part-time professor at Hong Kong University, teaching Broadcast News and News Translation and is also doing a television show in Beijing.    . He is one of the most distinguished media executives in Hong Kong.  He started as a first generation television journalist in 1976 and contributed greatly to the development of television journalism and the media profession in Hong Kong. He was a key figure in developing public affairs programs on television in the late 1970s, and a pioneer in introducing ENG (Electronic News Gathering) and SNG (Satellite New Gathering) in the early-80s.

In 1993, Television Broadcast Ltd. (TVB) put Mr Leung charge of their prestigious news division. There were 320 staff members, with an annual budget of US$15 million, producing 1,560 hours of news and public affairs programs. Under his leadership, the TVB News Division covered many important events, including Sino-British talks leading to the return of Hong Kong to China, the drafting of the Basic Law and Handover itself in 1997.

He left TVB in 2000 to take up the new challenge created by the Internet boom. He launched and headed ETVision Multimedia Ltd., which is a subsidiary of the Hong Kong Economic Times Group. The multimedia company started out with US$5 million with a staff of 70. It was the first financial service providing 24-hour streaming video financial news on the Net. The Internet bubble unfortunately burst in early 2001. Unlike many Internet companies, however, the ETVision under Mr. Leung’s stewardship survived despite painful downsizing. The company has now successfully transformed itself into a video production house.

His postgraduate diploma in Business Administration is from the United Kingdom where he is now a Fellow of the British Society of Business Practitioners.

This team is one of Asia's Chinese media dynasty and we are proud to be associated with this team.


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