Cheeriest of all seemed to be Chinese opera producer Sandra Lau, who left with seven watches on her forearm -- enough to keep time-zone tracks of husband Geoffrey as he scouts Asia for ethnic-TV programs to be aired by his and partners' Multivan Broadcast Corporation.   - 2002 April 11   Malcolm Parry  VANCOUVER SUN    

THEN there is the Geoffrey that some others have seen!

GEOFFREY LAU, the financier and partner in Multivan Broadcasting Corp., should see that recently licensed multicultural TV station fully staffed and on air by spring. At a lively birthday party at his and wife Sandra's south-slope home recently, the ever-lively Lau was given and swallowed enough fake Viagra pills -- at least, let's hope they were fake -- to populate the station by his own efforts.

In fact, many real-live folk will soon be grilled for Multivan gigs. Let's guess that one of them will be Schachi Kurl, the former Vancouver Sun editorial-page columnist and CBC and Broadcast News reporter who is now editor in chief of Aaj magazine, which focuses on B.C.'s South Asian community.   -  2002 July    Malcolm Parry    Vancouver Sun   


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