Twenty of the 275 people listed in the Asian Xpress Rich List 2002 made their money in the hotel and leisure sector. They are worth a combined 991m.

And the top five Asian hoteliers in the list, published last week as a supplement to the Asian Xpress newspapers, are worth 429m in total.

The wealthiest, at number four in the overall list and worth 400m, is Jasminder Singh, founder and chairman of the Edwardian Hotel Group.

Firoz Kassam, who owns the Firoka Hotel Group and chairs Oxford United FC, clocks in at number 11, and is worth 120m.

The other three high-flying hoteliers are: Diljit Rana (51m), the Belfast-based owner of the Andras House property and hotel group; Satinder Gulthati (49m), a director of Edwardian Hotel Group; and Harpal Matharu (49m), managing director of London-based hotel operator Global Grange.

Six hoteliers made their debut on the list this year: Surinda Arora (44m) of Arora Developments; Harish Patel (20m) of Comcrest Hotels; Arvan and Arun Handa (18m) of Newcastle-based Station Hotel Ltd; Vasant Dhrona (6.5m) of Woodley Hotels; Prakash Kaneira (6m) of Ambassadors Hotel; and Gokaldas Popat (5m) of Jayhems Hotels.    -


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