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Peninsula Hotels expanding with residential development  overseas

Lincoln Leong at the helm of HK's MTRC

Asia's richest billionaire playing Global Monopoly

Rebound in the Singapore luxury residential market?  -- the China elite are landing on top, literally

Hong Kong Peak price - where the seriously rich live

Global Monopoly


Private Equity - one of Asia's largest ex Japan

Cadillac Fairview selected this architect to launch Microsoft & Nordstroms

Asia's recreation home now epicentre centre for China's young and rich

Built ShangriLa's in Toronto and Vancouver

Ayala invested in this Taiwanese developer in Vancouver

North American retailer goes global?  - She turned around Lane Crawford in Asia  We love Bonnie Brooks - brain power, not just good looks

Association of Women in Finance

Hotels investments


Dutch institutional investor invests in China retail developer

Gaw Capital purchase of Marks & Spencer HQ in London

London as a trending hotspot

Asian investor hunt prime Retail


Vacant House "Manse" Tax


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