If not for Wendy Ladner being inlusive during her days at Crofton House School, 太太 might never have been able to 'navigate the system' as well as she does!  Here is a picture from one of our get-togethers from the past.    Wendy outreached and included 太太 in this fun group.  That was so meaningful.  You have no idea.   It was lonely being one of five Asians in the entire senior school.   But I  love that place.   Some of my longstanding friendships originate from those days at Crofton House.   Wendy was Sports Captain at the school.   The two Yoga Ladies are on the left.  

These are the future doyennes of Vancouver society!  Hahaha...just kidding.   You'll know that i kidding if you know any of us individually.

Recently 太太 attended the 112th school birthday party and she was the only Asian in a crowd of about 150!     Whereas the current enrollment at Crofton House School the school has been a beneficiary of fundraising by the parents of current students who are an international bunch - Ismaili's, Iranians, Chinese - locals, second generation ones, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japanese, East Indians...    This crowd of students are used to connecting in London, Hong Kong, Beijing or Toronto and Crofton House define some of the values they carry throughout life.  The world has changed a lot due to the wellmeaning efforts of someone who  outreached like Wendy Ladner-Beaudry.    

There's  a Walk on Saturday in Wendy's memory.

Running/Walking With Wendy - April 3, 2010 - 9 am

Meet in the meadow just off the entrance at 33rd and Camosun and follow the route outlined on the attached map. 

The route is roughly 5km. and is as follows:

Sasamat (22) - Left on Hemlock (9) - Left on Imperial (12) - Right on Hemlock (9) - Follow along on Hemlock until the trail intersects Salish - Left on Salish (21) and follow the trail back to Imperial - Left on Imperial - Right on Salish (21) where the trail passes by the Ecological Reserve - follow the trail until the trail intersects with Clinton (3) - turn Left on Clinton and follow Clinton - up the hill and back to the entrance at 33rd and Camosun. 


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