Can you believe this happy family?! 
SANDI LEE has been our guardian angel since we were 19.      Who would imagine this energetic dynamo is  grandmother?!   She's the one in the centre with the capris.

Sandi has been keeping husband Steve going every since high school at Sir Winston Churchill!   Now four generations celebrating Christmas.  

Sandi is our role model for keeping a happy family + contributing generously of her time as a friend and contributor in the community.      She's been a long time director of Art's Umbrella and chaired the Tribute to our friend CAROL HENRIQUES.    Sandi founded their golf clinic fundraiser that now has a national sponsor.     She and Steve have successfully raised a Canadian brood and soon will need a school bus for all the grandchildren.   They are awesome parents.   Full of love and enthusiasm.

"What a crummy day, huh I ran some errands and Ava called, she must have been bored at home so I read a story to her over the telephone!"

Who else in the world reads to their grandaughter on the phone?!



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