My Father's claim to Canadian politics was acting as Campaign Manager for Douglas Jung.  I met Prime Minister Diefenbaker and his wife Olive when Iwas a child, presenting them flowers during their visit to Vancouver's Chinatown.  

Douglas Jung has many firsts to his credit. He has the distinction of being the first Canadian of Chinese extraction to have been elected a Member of Parliament, was elected National President of the Young Conservatives of Canada and was appointed to represent his country at the United Nations as Chair of the Canadian Legal Delegation . While a Member of Parliament, he implemented the so-called "Amnesty" program, which made it possible for thousands of Chinese, who had come to Canada using false names, to regularize their status with the Immigration Department. During the war Douglas Jung served at Pacific Command Security Intelligence. After the War, Mr. Jung attended UBC as the first Chinese Canadian veteran to receive a university education under the auspices of Veteranís Affairs. He graduated in Law and was called to the Bar in 1954. The following year he made court history by being the first Chinese Canadian lawyer to appear before the British Columbia Court of Appeal. In 1962 he was appointed a judge on the Immigration Appeal Board in Ottawa. Douglas Jung continues to serve his community in many different ways.

Uncle Doug passed away in 2002.


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