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The Outlier: Live Outside the Box

Ordinary And Extraordinary Of The Canadian Chinese Socialite

Interview with former Miss Universe Canada representative Andrea Eng


By Brian Yeung for Hong Kong Economic Journal

Photograph by: Robert Kwong

Translation to English by: Sunny Chiu


“Many people believe beauty pageant is all about ‘beauty’ but I think intelligence carries more weight than beauty,” says Andrea Eng, Canada’s first ever Chinese representative at a global pageant contest.

Never an admirer of her own charm or glamour, Eng referred to her pageant journey as a mere accident. Eng was in her early twenties then but never got carried away. Instead she dedicated herself to a career in the real estate business, and became the advisor to a number of Asian tycoons, specializing in overseas investment.

In the wake of Asia's rise, global enterprizes nowadays hope to attract Asian investments. But Eng had already been identifying investment projects for Asian investors as early as 30 years ago. She was once described by The New York Times as the “first woman to broker commercial real estate to Asians in North America”.

“I believe every person is born with a gift. You just have to find your gift as quickly as possible. Business is my gift – I’m able to see opportunities differently from anyone else,” she says.  

Hong Kong Economic Journal in Hong Kong   


Malcolm Parry, Vancouver magazine editor    2019 September