"When Hong Kong Tatler tried to track down Andrea Eng, we found ourselves calling New York, and then London but to no avail. We were just about to dismiss her as a figment of the media's imagination, when we finally cornered her in Boston. Even then, however, she was elusive and brief. "I'm working on a Hong Kong deal right now and can't talk to anybody for the next 48 hours," she said. "I'll call you."   -  Hong Kong Tatler   

Andrea Eng is a unique individuals in global business.   She is a citizen-of-the-world who can provide as her references a former Chief Executive of British Airways and the Group Finance Director of a global conglomerate whose turnover is $45 bln USD in the same breath.

There is a shortage of Management skills in Asia.   Andrea is a trusted advisor - friend to some of the world's biggest tycoons and is part of a handful of professionals who have multi-continent rolodex to access the top executives on four continents.   

Who is Andrea Eng?  伍慧芬

DEAL MAKER                                                                                                                                                                                   

  • That's why we love you Andrea, good looking, intelligent and faaaaaast and efficient!!!

"The Broker to Billionaires"  - well covered in the press on both sides of the Pacific for a multitude of achievements




1990 December

"It can be said of Andrea Eng that she has managed with great success, to wear two cultural hats  She has achieved distinction and prominence as a highly energetic, high powered  professional.  She is a writer of published papers, a featured speaker to national and international groups and the subject of various magazine covers" - BC Business Magazine 

- Pittsburgh developer at NYC conference

" you are such a character! So much fun and charm and brains! I was energized... Personality plus!"

' I love our cross-continent correspondence! "  -    ANNE OSBORNE,  Sourcing Professional in California, USA        

"Razor sharp!"   JAPANESE TYCOON

"Andrea has done more than most ceo's in North America"  - Group Finance Director, world multinational

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