This article is about Pauline & George Magnus' son JASON MAGNUS
Cui Jian: Father of Chinese Rock 'N' Roll
China's most influential rock 'n' roller, Cui Jian
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Capital gains
A young chap with a British public school accent and a Harvard degree is rocking Beijing

Beijing has long been the Cinderella of mainland cities when it comes to foreign bands touring Asia. Despite being home to the most varied and vibrant live music scene on the mainland, Beijing's rock fans have grown used to international acts bypassing the capital in favour of Hong Kong and Shanghai. Those who have made  it to Beijing in recent years have been mainstream and bland, such as Norah Jones, or long past their prime, such as Sonic Youth.

But since 2005, the Beijing Pop Festival has been doing its best to put the capital on the world music map.   For two days each September, Chaoyang Park has hosted the likes of Ian Brown, Placebo, Supergrass and the best of local bands in  an atmosphere that might be  tame compared with Britain's Glastonbury Festival but is radical enough for conservative Beijing.

Now in its third year, the festival is the brainchild of London-born, Hong Kong-raised Jason Magnus. Organised under the auspices of his Rock for China company, the festival this year features its strongest line-up yet: the likes of Nine Inch Nails, Public Enemy, Brett Anderson, New York Dolls and Marky Ramone. And Chinese rocker Cui Jian will make his first outdoor concert appearance in Beijing, leading a 30-strong contingent of bands from as far afield as Sweden and Britain.  - SOUTH CHINA MORNING POST   2007 August 23


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