Former University of British Columbia chancellor Bob Lee in a rare family photo with wife Lily and children Carol and (back row) Graham, Leslie and Derek.

Carol Lee is zipping through town after three years in Hong Kong, where the iMedAsia bio-tech firm she and former B.C. lieutenant-governor David Lam own is isolating traditional Chinese medicine's active ingredients for use in modern pharmaceuticals.

While here, Lee and techbiz heavy Tim Bray are pumping some traditional commercial medicine into a mutual friend. That would be Vancouver-raised Montreal artist Jim Gislason, whose large mixed-media works they'll exhibit to month's end in Diane Farris' former large-gallery site on Sixth Avenue off Granville.

An opening shindig Thursday drew many of the duo's affluent friends, who snapped up several artworks. It was also a reunion of sorts for clan Lee -- papa Bob, the property mogul and former University of B.C. chancellor, mama Lily and Carol's high-achiever siblings Derek, Graham and Leslie.                               - Malcolm Parry    Vancouver Sun       21 Sept 2002


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